4 Bedroom  Townhouse
Lease starts August 1st.


1706 Naudain St..  Near 17th & Lombard  Zipcode-19146

1706 Naudain St  $ Rent + Utilities Site Map

4 Bedroom  Townhouse , 2 full baths, Basement, Washer-Dryer, Rear yard, Wood Floors, Central Air Conditioning
1st floor-Living room  & Kitchen  Dishwasher, & Rear Yard   
          2nd floor- Living room kitchen & Bath Dishwasher
          3rd floor- 2 Bedrooms & Full Bath
           4th floor-2 bedroom & Full Bath


Rent plus Gas & Electric & Water - Heat is gas powered hot air

4 Bedroom House



floor plan
  Not actual dimensions. will be updated









 living room 

Front living area 

dining living area towards front of property


dining area

 Toward rear dining area & kitchen (below)



Kitchen Old Pic..video is updated



 rear yard

 2F bedroom

 2nd Front Bedroom






 Office use only below.

3.Sept 10, 2011 1F & basementLegal

2.1706 2F & 3F bath


 .In depth 1st floor only